Theme Camp

We temporarily turned off the ability to purchase a membership via this website.  Please write if you'd like to join us.  (Thursday Aug 18 @ 11 am).


We are located at 9:00 Plaza, just a few blocks from the esplanade. The plaza is filled mostly with service camps like Pancake Playhouse, Ice 9, and Medical.  It's relatively quiet but great music is only a few minutes away, at Duck Pond and District.


Our Philosophy is simple.  If a bike is broken, we will show the owner how to fix it. Afterward, we ask the owner to help the next person.    We strive to create a caring, nurturing environment for people needing their bikes repaired, and a comfortable, friendly place for Burning Man mechanics.


Many of our campmates are mechanics.  Other mechanics come from other camps, and simply drop in for a few hours each day.  We provide bike stands, shade, and tools.  Most camp members love bicycles, ride or race, and have some mechanical aptitude.  Others simply love our camp, and the service we provide; there's nothing at Burning Man more ubiquitous than a bicycle.


• Several art bikes
• 12,000 square feet of shade with mesh floor (to catch MOOP).
• Commercial kitchen with 10 burners, 2 ovens, 3-basin sink.
• Catered Dinners (Wednesday thru Saturday)
• Hot Showers
• 1500 gallons of fresh water
• 500 gallon gray water tank
• 6 JBL EON speakers + 2 subwoofers
• Arguably the best music on the Playa
• Electricity (25 Kw Diesel Generator)


We ask campmates to commit to working four 4-hour shifts (16 hours total) during the week.  

Many of us help out before and/or after Burning Man too (with set up, tear down, cleaning bikes, packing trucks, etc).


We have a commercial kitchen, built into one of our 48' semi-trailers.  Campmates can use the kitchen to prepare anything, anytime.  The camp provides four simple but delicious dinners, Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 pm. 

Other vital info

Our campsite at Burning Man is spacious, provided everyone carpools and drives a reasonable vehicle.  Most of us arrive via car, pick up truck, or cargo van.  We will set up one 60x100 shade tent; if you put your backpacking tent underneath, you'll be comfortable.  We don't really have space for mobile homes, RV's, or trailers (other than trailers we use to haul bikes).

Playa Bike Repair - Camp Membership Fee - Before June 1

$225 Bona fide mechanic, living on bike shop wages
$275 Basic Membership without meals
$325 Membership + Meals (Dinner Wed through Sat)
$425 Membership + Meals (Dinner Wed through Sat) + loaner bicycle
$475 Membership + Meals (Dinner Wed through Sat) + Aero Velo  (With Aero Velo, you pick up / drop off your bike at BRC airport)

If you pay after June 15, add $50.00 to above.

Tax info:

If you buy a membership that includes meals then $60 (of the total) is for meals, thus taxable.  7.725% NV sales tax on $60 is $4.35.  For simplicity, PBR pays the $4.35.

Your support funds Playa Bike Repair.  Thank you!

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