We deliver to the Playa



Flying into Black Rock City airport for Burning Man 2019?

"Aero Velo" is a premium bike rental, intended for people flying into Black Rock City airport for Burning Man 2019. 

If you select Aero Velo, when you land at the BRC airport, your bike will be waiting for you near the airstrip!

With Aero Velo, you don't need to carry your heavy backpack across the Playa to your camp.  Instead, you simply exit the plane, claim your rental bike, and ride away.

In addition to the bike, Aero Velo include:
- Front or rear rack
- Front and rear lights
- Security Lock

When you depart Burning Man, simply leave your rental bike at our facility at the BRC airport, and board your plane.

What could possibly be easier?

Note:  Aero Velo is just our cleaver name for a bike that we deliver to the BRC airport.  To book your flight, via Burner Express, click here.