We deliver to the Playa


Flying into Black Rock City Airport for Burning Man 2019?

Aero Velo is a premium service, intended for people flying into BRC airport.  When you land, your bike will be waiting for you near the airstrip. Aero Velo includes the bike, basket, front and rear light, and lock. Leave your bike at our facility, at the BRC airport when you depart.

The flight is not included.  To book your flight, via Burner Express, click here.

We rent a maximum of 100 Aero Velo Bikes per year, and the program always sells out. So book early.

How does it work?

Two weeks before Burning Man
We will email you a bike number, and a code to unlock that exact bike.

When your plane lands at BRC airport
Walk thru the gate, where you'll be ask for your BM ticket. Continue walking to the "Cell Phone Lot"  (BM humor; unlikely you'll have any reception). Find our bike rack, find your bike, unlock it, and enjoy.  

When you depart BRC:
Take the bike back to its original location at the airport; lock the bike to the rack, and depart.  Otherwise, we will retain the rental fee, plus the deposit.