Art Bikes

At Playa Bike Repair, we love art bikes, and help support the people who build them!  



A sculpture by Nick Taylor
Fort Bragg, CA.

Burner on Huge Art Bike in a Dust Storm
The main frame of this beautiful piece is made of steel pipe, about 4" in diameter, with 1/4" wall thickness, heavily manipulated, sculpted, welded, ground, and filed by Nick Taylor. The forks, bars, stems, and links are also custom made.

Weight: 1,000 lbs
Wheel Diameter Fifty Nine Inches
Stand over height mid top tube 77"

Cannot be ridden, but it's exquisitely beautiful.
If it was rideable you'd have to be at least 10 feet tall in order to pedal.


PBR Trike

Our "Trike," is part bike (you pedal); part car (wheels and rear axle), and part motorcycle (the front wheel, and the chain)... and a lot of fun!

A couple of burners on an art bike having fun


PBR PediCab

Playa Bike Repair Pedicab