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Playa Bike Repair
Is presently focused exclusively on Bike Rentals, in Reno.

We will not have a camp at BM 2023.
We'll return, as a camp, to the Playa in 2024.  

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Information from 2022 below, for your reference only.

Welcome Home! This is Playa Bike Repair

Playa Bike Repair 2022 is presently open to new members.

To apply:
1. Please read everything on this page.
2. Complete the 2022 application form.
3. If accepted, we'll e-mail you a link, where you can pay your membership fees. 

We LOVE Playa Bike Repair. Here's why:

Playa Bike Repair is a Burning Man Service Camp

1. We repair over 4,000 bikes every burn (Free!)

2. We rent Bikes. Rentals fund repairs.

3. We recycle. Donated bikes are later used for parts.



Historically we've been at 9/B.  In 2022, it's 8/F.  Near enough to everything and far enough from it all, at the same time. 


We strive to create a caring, nurturing environment for people needing bike repair, and a comfortable, friendly place for mechanics.



Many of us are mechanics, but we have roles for non-mechanics too! (Bar, bike distribution, DJ, greeter, kitchen, setup, shade, strike, etc). 



We provide two delicious meals per day, at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.  
We have a commercial kitchen you can use anytime.  



We mostly carpool, or take the bus. We don't have a lot of room, for RV's.

Camp Membership includes

• 2 delicious, nourishing meals per day
• High Quality, Professionally Maintained Bicycle
• The best amenities on the playa, bar none

 1. You've read everything herein?

2. Want to join us?  Complete the 2022 application.

3. If accepted, we'll e-mail
 you a link, where you can pay your membership fees.

PBR is limited in size.  We cannot accept everyone who applies, so apply early.  We seek campmates who can collaborate, and effectively work together to co-create our shared vision.  If that sounds like you, please apply.


Campmates work four 4-hour shifts (16 hours total) during the week.  Everyone must contribute to either set up, or strike.  Your shifts maybe the most rewarding part of your Burn.  

Repairing Playa bikes can be demanding.  So, we created this amazing community, and camp, to keep you clean, comfortable and nourished:  

Amenities include:

  • Bikes: We provide each person with his/her own high-quality bike.
  • Shade: 12,000 square feet of shade 
  • Commercial kitchen: For campmate use, with 10 burners, 3 ovens, 3-basin dish sink, prep sink, hand wash sink, fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster.
  • All equipment to cook: Pots, pans, utensils, oil, soap, etc.
  • Breakfast + Dinners: Where we meet and connect.
  • Showers: 2 amazing showers, mounted on a trailer.
  • Water: 4000 gallons, for drinking, cooking, and showers
  • Gray water disposal: We handle it!
  • Music: Professional audio (rivals a night club!)
  • Electricity: 45 Kw Diesel Generator running 3-phase
  • Portable Toilets: 2 toilets, for campmates only.
  • MOOP: Camp is 100% covered with vinyl.  
  • Questions?


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