Shower Trailers

A Radical Shower Trailer for the Self-Reliant Camp

Shower trailer for Rent, for Burning Man. It's like an RV, but turned inside-out, for 150 people, but it costs less. Playa tested for 2+ years.  For more info, see below, or Contact us


40' flat bed
16 food-grade tanks, 275 gallons each
4400 gallons of fresh water
Gray water tanks
Gray water disposal
On-demand fresh water pump
Gray water "pool" pump (fast!)
Back up pumps
2 hand-held shower nozzles
2 shower stalls, 48L x 44W x 24H
12H platform within each shower
Wind-resistant 8'x8' changing area
Stairs to access the trailer
Hoses and fittings
Transport from Reno to BRC via OSS approved carrier.

Water comes from from a municipality. For our camp of 150 people, 4400 gallons was sufficient for showers, kitchen, and drinking.


Water is pumped from the freshwater tanks on the flat bed, into the showers, also on the flat bed.

275 gallon water tote cut in half, with 24" sidewalls.  The high sidewalls insure that no water spills over (unlike a conventional shower pan).  Shower curtains are recommended (they reduce splash, and increase privacy).

Inside the shower, you'll find a 12" platform that elevates you high above the muck (and it's BM, so there will be muck).

Factory installed 3" diameter drain, on the sidewall, beneath the step.

Gray water flows via gravity from the shower drain to a "2-inch quick connect hose," to a gray tank underneath.  When the gray tank is full, you pump the water from the tank on the ground, into any empty tank on the trailer (and that tank is forever after a gray tank).

Every trailer ships with 4 empty gray tanks, to go under the trailer (for showers, kitchen, etc), plus the 16 fresh tanks on the trailer (that later become gray tanks).

Translucent polycarbonate walls (that resemble sandblasted glass) or corrugated metal (you choose).

Customize your shower room with benches, curtains, chairs, rubber floor mats, lighting, lockers, mirrors, sink, shadow dancers, table, etc. You can also skin the trailer with fabric (but it must be returned to us in the original condition).

There is no roof, by design; we prefer the ambiance and low-maintanence of an outdoor shower.

Sunlight heats the water within the tanks. The shower room walls protect you from the wind. This is pure luxury, re-defined.

You can add as much or little privacy as you wish. Private shower and communal changing room - like most hot springs - seems like a good balance. But hey, that's up to you.

You can ship whatever you want into the 8x8 shower room. We deliberately left the door 48' wide. (ie chairs, stove, shade, tools, etc.)

We will provide you with detailed instructions.  On-site, set up and maintenance are your camp's responsibility.  

Round trip from Reno to BRC via OSS approved carrier (already booked, so you needn't think about it).

Are a mix of our 2017 shower, and renderings for the 2018 model. For additional information or pricing, send me a PM.


We've designed a radical trailer, for self-reliant camps.  It's dependable, efficient, economical, and field tested.  It requires a little bit of self-care but you won't need to hire a vendor for on-site water delivery, nor gray water pumping.  (But wait, I love those companies, said no one ever...)

It's environmentally friendly; we buy food-grade containers, used, and use them again (vs the disposable type, individuals often bring).  Unencumbered by gear and water, 90% of our campmates take the bus; you can too!

Starting at $6K for the basics (trailer, tanks, fresh water, gray water removal, etc), plus $2k for the transport.

$6k is less than our cost (even if you ignore the cost of the trailer itself)
- Normally water delivered to the playa is normally $1.5/gallon, and gray water removal is $1/gallon ... and that's just water!  
- You pay the trucker directly (we don't profit on that either).

We may require a security deposit (refundable).

Contact us.


Our flatbeds have been used to transport:  art, bikes, forklifts, lumber,  scaffolding, trucks, tradeshow exhibits, and wood.  Need a flat bed?
Contact us.

In 2017, we provided the flat beds needed to transport two honorariums.  One of those, Sysimetsä, is pictured below.

Sysimetsä is a memorial for the fires that destroyed Lake County. The trees were moved from Lake County to Burning Man, then set up as an art installation on the playa.

"The philosophy of Sysimetsä is to Experience, Let Go, Accept, Be Thankful, and Recreate the world you want to live in."