Playa Bike Repair 2020 Membership

Welcome Home!

Burners hugging with bicycles in the background

We're thrilled to have you as a campmate!

To proceed, you must have an email from PBR inviting you to join the camp.
[If you don't have an invite, apply for membership here!]

We're making some big changes in 2020, so make sure you read everything herein.


Historically we've been at 9/B and 9/G. Placement typically announces camp locations in June.


We strive to create a caring, nurturing environment for people needing their bikes repaired, and a comfortable, friendly place for Burning Man mechanics.


About 25% of our campmates are mechanics.  The rest have other roles (DJ, bartender, bike distribution, greeter, kitchen, MOOP, set up, strike, water, etc).  


Campmates to commit to working four 4-hour shifts (16 hours total) during the event.  Everyone must work at least one 4-hour shift during either set up (Aug 24-29), or strike (Sept 5-10).   


Reno Warehouse Work

We work before, and/or after BM (preparing bikes, loading trailers, etc).  Hotels, meals, BM tickets, and/or wages are provided. If you're interested, reach out.

 Kitchen and Meals

We have a commercial kitchen, built into a semi-trailer.  PBR provides four catered, delicious and nourishing dinners (Wednesday thru Saturday at 7:30 PM).  

Campmates can use the kitchen anytime.  Features:  10 burners; 3 ovens; 3-basin dish sink; 2-basin prep sink; hand wash sink; 3-door fridge; 2-door freezer.  Plus: bowls, cookware, oil, plates, soap, and utensils.


Our shower trailer features two showers; a comfortable changing room; and 4,000 gallons of water.  Arguably the best shower at Burning Man!

Shaded camping area

We will set up one 60x120 shade tent; if you put your backpacking tent underneath, you'll be comfortable.  

Other Amenities

• 12,000 square feet of shade
• 4000 gallons of fresh water (for showers, kitchen, and drinking)
• Gray water tanks (we handle it!)
• Professional audio (if you're a DJ, let us know).
• Arguably the best music on the Playa
• Electricity (45 Kw Diesel Generator running 3-phase)

Other vital info

Most of us arrive via Burner Express Bus, or carpool.  We don't really have space for RV's, nor trailers (other than trailers we use to haul bikes).


A theme camp is a group of individuals, with different strengths, layered on top of each another, who collectively form a community that provides a service.  A community is a bit like JENGA. If any one block of wood is removed - or someone misses a shift - the community may collapse.

In recent years, we've noticed a slight uptick in "missed shifts." To reverse this trend, and others, we're introducing a deposit system.

• $300 JENGA deposit.  Work your shifts.
• $150 BIKE deposit.  Same as all renters.
• $50 MOOP deposit.  Clean your space.

If there are any egregious violations to our principles (including but not limited to missing shifts), we may ask you to leave, and you will not be invited back.

For nearly everyone reading this, nothing herein should be a concern. You make commitments, and you honor them.  You work your shifts.  But if you have concerns, contact us.

Membership Fee

Playa Bike Repair - Camp Membership Fee - Before July 1.  
(On July 1, prices increase $100)

 In 2020 we are offering just one membership option.

Membership is $500 and includes camp, plus:

  • 4 Meals (Dinner Wed through Sat at 7:30 PM)
  • High quality, professionally maintained bicycle and lock


A cool video about PBR