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Bike Rentals

Playa Bike Repair is a Burning Man service camp.  Over 4,000 people seek us out each year at Burning Man, for help with bike repairs.

When you rent from us for Burning Man 2019, you're not only getting a dependable bike, conveniently delivered to the Playa; you're supporting an essential, free service in Black Rock City:  Playa Bike Repair!

How it works
• Reserve your Burning Man 2019 bike online.
• Claim your bike at our camp at Burning Man, at 9:00 Plaza.  We're open Sunday to Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm.
• Return the bicycle before 6 pm on Sunday, September 1, 2019.  (Or at the very latest, 10 am on Monday, September 2, 2019.)

To rent a bike for the entire event, including bike transport to/from the Playa:

Tier Price
Refundable Deposit Status
1 $150 $150 Available
2 $175 $150 Available
3 $200 $150 Available
4 $225  $150 Available
5 $250 $150 Available
Aero Velo $300 

Common Questions: 

What is the $150 refundable deposit?
The refundable deposit is $150 per bike.  It is automatically added to your order, during check out.  Return your rental bike, and we'll refund your $150.

Are locks included?
Locks are automatically added to your order, at check out.  The lock is $10.00, and it's yours to keep.

What if the bike is stolen?
If you lock the bike it will not be stolen.  But if your (unlocked) bike is stolen, you owe us the rental fee, and forfeit your deposit.

What's the difference between Tiers?
For tiers 1-5, the bikes are the same, but the earlier you register the less you pay.

What kinds of bikes do you rent?
We have a mix of beach cruisers, hybrids, and mountain bikes in sizes ranging from XS to XL.  When you arrive, you'll choose from our selection, which is generally plentiful.

Do you have baskets?
Most hybrids have rear racks; Most cruisers have front baskets.

Are lights included?
Lights are not included.  Bring your own, or purchase them via our website.

What is Aero Velo?
"Aero Velo" is a premium service, intended for people flying into BRC.  If you select Aero Velo, when you land at the BRC airport, your bike will be waiting for you near the airstrip.  In addition to the bike, "Aero Velo" includes: front and rear bike lights; front or rear rack; security lock.  Leave your bike at our facility, at the BRC airport when you depart.

Is there tax?  
Bike rentals: 3% BLM fee.
Accessories:  8.265% NV State Sales Tax.

Can I pay for the bike online, and pick it up at your warehouse?
Sorry, no.

Your support funds Playa Bike Repair!  Thank you!