Bike Rentals


Playa Bike Repair is a Burning Man Service Camp
Over 4,000 people seek us out each year at Burning Man, where we provide free, on-site, emergency bike repair.  Your rental helps fund this essential service.

You get a comfortable, dependable bike, and a several options for pick up, and/or even delivery (explained below).  The bikes sport an adjustable seat, front basket, and headlight.  

Our bikes are built to withstand the most rigorous conditions; have sealed bearings and solid tires; and are meticulously maintained by professional mechanics.

We acquired our fleet from a former bike-share company. The bikes, nearly new, are stored locally; transported efficiently; and will last 5-10 years.  

In contrast, "Department store" bikes are inferior, poorly assembled and break often; thousands are “discarded” during the event, or abandoned afterward. In 2017, over 5,000 bikes were left on the playa; an environmental disaster.

In the off-season, we hire Burners to maintain our fleet, benefitting both our community and the local economy.  In contrast, “Box stores” extract wealth.

The cost to buy, transport, clean, maintain, and/or store a bike can add up; renting is often cheaper.  

Burners on Bikes

In 2020, we’ll be expanding our “Direct to Camp,” program aka “D2C.”  

Theme Camps
 (20-200 bikes)
- Direct your campmates to our website, where individuals can reserve a bike.
- PBR will aggregate your camps "individual orders," into a single "camp" order.
- PBR will pre-load one of our new “bike-trailers" for you.
- Claim your bike trailer (and bikes) at our depot, in Gerlach.
- After BM, camps return the bike-trailer to our depot, in Gerlach.
- The trailer is free to use during Burning Man.

Individuals and Groups (1-20 bikes)
- Reserve your bike online, now!  Invite your friends to do the same.
- When your group reaches the minimum size, we'll offer you a trailer.
- If you don't reach the minimum, we'll aggregate your order with another group, or
- You can claim your bike at our depot in Gerlach, or Reno.

2019 Pricing

To rent a bike for the entire event:

Option Price
Refundable Deposit Status
Reno $150 $150 Available
Gerlach $150 $150 Available
D2C Tier 1 $150 $150 Available
D2C Tier 2 $175 $150 Available
D2C Tier 3 $200 $150 Available
D2C Tier 4 $225 $150 Available
D2C Tier 5 $250 $150 Available
D2C Tier 6 $275 $150 Available
D2C Tier 7 $300 $150 Available

Playa Bike Repair Logo and a Large Art Bike InstallationQuestions

What is the $150 refundable deposit?
The refundable deposit is $150 per bike. It is automatically added to your order, during check out.  Return your rental bike, and we'll refund your $150.

Are locks included?
Locks are automatically added to your order, at check out.  The lock is $10.00, and it's yours to keep.

What if the bike is stolen?
If you lock the bike it will not be stolen.  But if your (unlocked) bike is stolen, you owe us the rental fee, and forfeit your deposit.

What's the difference between Tiers?
The bikes are the same, but the earlier you register the less you pay.

What kinds of bikes do you rent?
Our bikes are comfortable, easy to ride, upright, 3-speeds.  We acquired them from a former bike-share company.

What sizes do you have?
One size, with an adjustable seat, for riders from 5' to 6' (150 cm to 188 cm).

Do you have baskets?
All our bikes have a front basket.

Are lights included?
Our bikes come with a front light, but it gets power from the front wheel and only works at speed (not walking your bike thru camp, etc).  We recommend you bring your own lights (front and rear), or purchase them via our website.

Is there tax?  
Bike rentals: 3% BLM fee.
Accessories:  8.265% NV State Sales Tax.

Your support funds Playa Bike Repair!  Thank you!

Beautiful person on a bike in front of Playa Bike Repair