About Us

Playa Bike Repair 
There is nothing more ubiquitous at Burning Man than a bicycle; there are 80,000 people at Burning Man, and everyone rides one! Unfortunately, the desert is extremely harsh on bikes. At least 10% will have a mechanical problem.  But our bikes, with airless tires and sealed bearings, are the most dependable on the playa, bar none!

Our history

• Playa Bike Repair began as a Burning Man theme camp, in 2011. 

• 2011-2019: PBR repaired an average of 4,000 bikes/burn, on Playa. We know bikes better than any other outfitter!

• 2020: BM requested we move rentals off playa, to Reno.

• 2022: BM told us we must change the name of our rental business, and/or camp. The business retained the name, "Playa Bike Repair."  Our former campmates will likely create a new camp, with a new name, in 2025.  We'll keep you posted.

A great video about our former camp!

A great story about our former camp, read it here:

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