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Playa Bike Repair 
There is nothing more ubiquitous at Burning Man than a bicycle; there are 70,000 people at Burning Man, and everyone rides one!  Unfortunately, desert is extremely harsh on bikes.  At least 10% will have a mechanical problem; flat tires and broken chains are the most common.

Playa Bike Repair is the largest bike camp at Burning Man.  We have over 100 campmates, and over 4,000 burners seek us out each year for emergency, on-playa repair.  Since our inception in 2011, we've repaired over 25,000 bicycles (FREE!)  

How do we fix so many bikes?
We strive to create a caring, nurturing environment for people needing their bikes repaired, and a comfortable, friendly place for mechanics.  When a bike owner arrives with a broken bike, we show the owner how to fix it.  Afterward, we ask the owner to help a few more people.

Rentals fund repairs.   
You can help!  Simply rent a bike online.
We transport your bike (any bike!) from SF to Black Rock CIty!  
Claim your bike at our camp at 9:00 Plaza!
Your rental helps fund free bike repair on the playa.

Mechanics, please volunteer!   
Bike repair is an amazing gift, and it's unlikely that another camp touches as many people as Playa Bike Repair, so deeply.  We hope you'll consider camping with us, or simply drop in.

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