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Buy a used cruiser bike and save! 

Order online; claim in Reno. You own it! Not a rental!

Our bikes are built and maintained by professional mechanics. They are meticulously cleaned, and will last for many years.  Perfect for around town, the beach, or Burning Man.

All cruiser frames are "one size fits all," but you can adjust both the handle bar height, and the saddles. 

The main difference between the models is the frame. Some have a "top bar," that runs horizontally from the handlebars to the seat. Others have a "step thru," allowing easier mount/dismount.

Reno warehouse Hours: 
Aug 22- Sep 2, 10 am to 7 pm.
We don't provide bike racks, rope, or tie downs.

Beautiful person on a bike in front of Playa Bike Repair